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The searchword will be searched within all categories that are checked. To narrow down the search, check or uncheck the relevant check boxes.

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Currently, the search machine will only find entries containing the full search phrase as entered. Therefore, if you enter more than one word, entries will only be shown if they contain the full phrase in exactly the same way. However, you can use the percent symbol (%) as a wildcard character. If you search for "Fritz%Hund", the result will include titles like "Fritzchen und sein Hund". The order of the words is essential, though: A film called "Ein Hund namens Fritz" will not be found with the search phrase "Fritz%Hund".

Truncating / Wildcard character
The search is automatically performed with wildcards at the beginning and the end of the search phrase. Therefore, results will always include entries in which the search phrase is contained in the middle of its text. If you want to use a wildcard within the search phrase, please see above.

First names and leading articles
The search is currently limited to those fields containing the search title (without leading articles) or last name of a person. Therefore, please do not include leading articles or first names in your search phrase.